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Ok, so the group is coming along nicely. We are now adding more aspects to the group so members have other things to do other than just wright music reviews. We already have a few roles, which are main bloggers, and selected bloggers. But for the main blogger aspect we didn't really have a way for people to apply for it, or get anyone on the list unless we hand pick them ourselves. well, as the group gets bigger, that's going to become more difficult. So, we wanted to come up with ways to ease that process. So, this journal entry is for the sole purpose of introducing roles, explaining the different gallery categories, and how to become a main, or selected blogger.


Main blogger - This is for members who are ahead of a genre, who want to be listed as a main blogger. To get listed as a main blogger, wright an introductory journal, explaining one of the genres you are ahead of, and in your own words, give a brief summary about when the genre started, what it's all about, what bands/artists influenced it the most, or help the movement of it, your top five musician of the genre, and a brief introductory of who you are, what the genre means to you, and why you wanted to write for it. Name the journal,"introduction to "blank". Replace the blank with the name of the genre. Then, submit it to the group's feature folder, and if the group agrees with you being a main blogger, the group will then send you a note listing you as a main blogger. more than one person can have the same genre.

selected blogger - Anyone who asked to be in the group, along with saying which two genre they want to wright for will be listed on this list. If you do not see your name, please send the group a note, asking to be listed, along with saying what two genre you want to wright for. members will also be listed if they have specific jobs other than writing reviews. More than one person can be listed for the same job.

                                      Folder categories

music dairy -  This folder is for all members. Mostly anything can be submitted hear. from telling about how you got to see your favorite band at a concert last weekend, To how every time you hear your favorite song, it makes you want to cry, or reminisce about the good ole' days. You can also submit song reviews to this folder with the rules being as strict as submitting to the main folder.  

Cover songs - This folder is for all members. It's the same as when you're doing a review for a song, expect this folder is only for cover songs.

Lyric reviews - This folder is for all members. This folder is for song meanings, and just lyrics on general. If you wish to be in charge of finding lyrics to song reviews already in the group, then send the group a note.

Featured artist or band - This folder is for main bloggers only. The group hasn't completely decided what we're going to do for this folder, but we were thinking we would feature musician hear on DA who join are group. How to do this is still up in the air, if you have a suggestion about what we could do with this folder, note the group and tell us. All ideals are welcome.

Music genre - This folder is for all members. This will be main way for how people will find other bands/artists to listen to. Members can write a blog, making a list of bands/artist for a certain genre. It can be any genre, but only one at a time. The list can be as long as you want it. All the bands/artist must be in the same genre, or have a similar sound to each other. The having a similar sound is all up to your personal taste, and opinion.

Music news - This folder is for selected bloggers only. The purpose of this folder is for music news. Anything that's happening in the music news world can be submitted here. You can send the group a note if you want to be one of the bloggers who are in charge of keeping this this folder up-to-date.

Album reviews - This folder is for all members. you use the same method to how you would review a song, but instead review a whole album. They are examples already in the folder if you need a example.

The art of manipulation: Dark Halloween contest

Hi guys, one of our affiliation groups is having a collaboration contest.
The art of manipulation is reviving the the mentoring aspect of the group by doing a collaboration contest. It's a contest were a beginner photo-manipulator will pair up with a intermediate/expert photo-manipulator. in the contest,you have a chance to win up to 1,500 points! split up between your teammates! You have up to Aug 21 to note the group about the contest. Go to their journal entry to read the full details if you're interested. good luck!

Journal link: Dark Halloween contest :icongroupslaplz:
Ok, so Deviants are now allowed to send request to join the group. You will be voted in by the founder or, co-founders. You must specify why you want to join the group, why you're interested, ect. but you must read the rules of the group first. Link here: Do not join the group if you do not agree to the rules, or will not follow them.


You now can Submit song reviews, or anything music related to the Music diary if you're not a main blogger, or a selected one. The rules for writing a song review for the music dairy folder won't be as strict as writing for the music review folder. Also, anything music related can be submitted to this folder, so if you're writing about your favorite musician, you can go ahead and submit it to this folder. But please, try to keep from just going on how much you love a certain band and artist, explain why you like them, and what kind of music that they do so others might check them out, or even comment your blog in the group. We asked if you could try to include a link in your submission to the music dairy folder, and tell who the artist is, and what genre the song is in, if you're talking about a specific song. You can also submit to the Lyrics reviews, music news, or cover songs reviews folders.

We are still looking for bloggers to join the group. If you're interested, please send the group a note, specifying which genre you are interested in writing for. Please asked to be a reviewer for A genre, or sub-genre that is not yet in the group, we are focus on having a verity of different genres in the group for now, and are looking for main bloggers as for now. Please list two genres you would like to write for.
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


Main bloggers

1. :iconecho2themoon: - Rock, Metal ( founder )
2. :iconjay-space-bird: - Industrial, Techno (co-founder)
3. :iconcatscratchfan4000: - Bubblegum pop ( co-founder )
4. :iconkoutathecreator: - Rap, Hip-hop
5. :iconffgtfgtr: - Rock, indie

Selected bloggers

1. :iconmippieart: - Lyrics
2. :iconvicecityfire: - Death Metal, Dubstep
3. :iconthebrassglass: - Classical music (1450s-1830s)
4. :iconvillithorne: - Death metal, Black metal
5. :iconmr-sorrows: - Dubstep,Soft rock

Group Info

We're a group dedicated to reviewing music of bands and artists. We want to help others discover new music, or find artist similar to bands they already listen to.

We are focus on having a verity of different genres in our group so everyone has a place to come to, to find new music such as; Rock, metal pop, techno, electro, And any other genre out there, So if you love music, come join our group and discover.
Founded 4 Years ago
Jun 14, 2012


Group Focus

17 Members
17 Watchers
2,546 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Song Reviews - Main bloggers only
Cover songs reviews - All members
Featured artist or band - Main bloggers only
Music genres - All members
Music news - Selected bloggers only
Album reviews - All members
Music diary - All members


Monthly Stats

Group Activity

How to get started with joining the group

If you're interested in writing reviews for the group. Please read the rules first, and then the blog, "joining the group":


Joining the group

And for doing reviews: How to write song reviews

Explaining: roles,folders,and becoming a main blogger for the group: Roles & Becoming a main blogger

Do not ask to be a contributor. We will come to you and ask if you would be interested in becoming one for the group.</i>

If you want to help the group become a super group, or just help for future contests, please donate to the founder: Donate!

If you'r not a main blogger, only submit to folders that say "All members".

:bulletgreen:Chatroom for the group. Open to all members, and deviants:…

recommended free legal Sites to go to, to listen to music:


[ section 2 ] :star: Things members and Devaints can do!

:bulletblue:1. Recommend new songs, or artist/bands to be reviewed! do not spam the group with request though.

:bulletblue:2. Make suggestions on how to improve the group! Send the group a note if you have an ideal on how we can make things easier for members, and improve the group!

:new: We are still looking for bloggers to join the group. If you're interested, please send the group a note, specifying which genre you are interested in writing for. Please asked to be a reviewer for A genre, or sub-genre that is not yet in the group, we are focus on having a verity of different genres in the group for now, and are looking for main bloggers as for now. Please list two genres you would like to write for.


The Icons show on "Reviewers" from this list are the main reviewers, and are the ones in charge of certain genres.








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Newest Members


if you're a new group, or a group similar to us, send us a affiliation request please. If you're a music group, we can work together and make each others group's stronger, and better! :)


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Edd2690 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
CatscratchFan4000 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Happy new year everyone!

Lucky Twice is planning for a comeback in 2013! Plus, check out the news on the new Caramella Girls single, plus more interesting updates on's new album and Hit'n'Hide's new single... ;)
CatscratchFan4000 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Very sad update on the Toy-Box comeback posted today in Music News. Also, some interesting news on Hit'n'Hide...
TheMangaPit Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Rating music, this acually sounds like fun. I may just send that note to become a contributor soon. I listen to a wide variety of music genres from pop, punk rock, ska, some classic rock, lots and lots of metal, heavy metal, orchestra metal, thrash (yeah, metal head here) and rap/hip-hop...techno/rave, ok I can't think of anything else at the moment (went off the top of my head ^^;). Anyways, I wish this group luck and hope it gains lots of success (which I don't believe will be a problem :)). I'm outta here :D.
echo2themoon Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool, Cool! Well, just be sure to read the rules, and send the group a note when you're ready! :D

And thanks! we hope so too! :)
TheMangaPit Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
(2/2) I'm kinda disappointed in the group, but my co-founders were mentioning I was being rather harsh on some of the rules so I'm giving the members who more nude arts a break 2 be a bit more fair towards them. It's kinda hard 2 make a grey area in the rules regarding nudity. But yeah, I think I'd want my category to be Underground Music (I may think of something better later).
LadyKy007 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hi! :)
I want to join but it's saying that I can't because I'm a admin of three groups...?
Do you know what's going on or is dA playing up?
echo2themoon Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You have to send a note to the group asking to join. Which we will then send you an invite. If you're interested in being a blogger, you have to specify in the note. which then we will send you questions to answer.

Also,there's a limit to how many groups you can be admin of. Not sure how many, though.
WaterlightFading Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You guys should listen to Florence + the Machine! She has a beautiful voice and her songs are all really unique, especially Hurricane Drunk and Blinding!
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